Healthily salted

Salys is a Portuguese brand that produces a mixture of salicornia and aromatic herbs to season food as an alternative to sea salt. Salicornia is a halophyte plant that grows near the sea, in salt marshes, beaches or mangroves: it incorporates the salt inside, obtaining a natural and characteristic salty flavour. By mixing it with aromatic herbs such as peppermint, lemon thyme, rosemary, savory, basil or prince herb, Salys obtains a seasoning blend with a slightly salty taste that is a very healthy alternative to sea salt.

VOLTA was invited to design Salys’ visual identity, tagline and packaging: the brand wanted a clean but punchy look & feel, with a focus on typography and colour. We opted for a sharp stencil font for the brand logo, contrasting with a grotesk and monospaced font in the labels. We also blended the portuguese coat of arms with aromatic herbs leaves, creating a “coat of arms” that adds history and heritage to a contemporary portuguese brand.

With 4 different types of seasonings, we added punchy colours to go with the different herbs: red for meat, blue for fish, bright green for salads and orange for pastas. 

Finally, the tagline reads “Saudavelmente salgadas“ (Healthily salted), clearly stating the brand’s promise.


Packaging Design
Label Design


Fino Creative and Ricardo Soares