Taking on the web3 change

Arubani is a company committed a smoother transition to a sustainable web3 future by building and investing in trustless products. Having started with a low profile approach, they felt it was finally time to display an identity that would fit their adventurous action-first mindset.



Website by

Onda Studio
The central concept behind this visual identity is elevation: it refers to empowering, promoting, highlighting, and bringing out unique projects and ideas. These projects and ideas, although singular and distinct in their own right, can only function and thrive with the collective power of the blockchain.
In the blockchain world, each block plays a crucial role in maintaining the inviolability of the chain. This is because the chain’s inviolability lies in the interconnection and unity of each block with one another. To celebrate each block and its significance, we created a symbol that represents an elevated block in the chain.
In order to reflect Arubani’s pioneering and daring attitude we opted for a geometric grotesque typeface that allows for content to take centre stage. Color-wise, the brand uses a diverse and ever-expansive palette: not wanting to limit itself , it’s always ready to adapt and create contrast in order to draw attention in this age of digital-only communication. Simple yet effective, it is ready for taking change head-on.