Avery Dennison Prominent Collection

Change perceptions

VOLTA was challenged by the multi national labelling solutions company Avery Dennison to help them promote a new technology: Label’Glass®. This type of labels help you get the look and feel of glass embossing, embellishing bottles or other high-end applications with decorative raised emblems, which can save a lot of time and money.


Label Design

To show its potential, VOLTA created the Prominent Collection: a series of bottles using Label’Glass® to change your visual and tactile perceptions of embossing.
The Collection includes a Red wine from the Douro — CREASE 41, an extra virgin olive oil — STRATO and a perfume for men — PLATEAU.
Each use Label’Glass® in a unique, differentiating way, showing the potential this kind of labels and technology can offer.
They stand out as very premium products, with their embossed designs highlighting its quality and exclusive look & feel.
A brochure was also created, where actual physical Label’glass labels were attached to the bottle’s images, for one to get the actual visual and tactile feelings of this technique.

It was a privilege to work on this project with Avery Dennison and show the possibilities of this sophisticated glass labelling product.