Bang Gin

#1 Briefing

“There is no terror in the Bang, only in the anticipation of it.”
Alfred Hitchcock

It all starts here. The client briefing is awaited with a mix of curiosity and anticipation. Will it be clear or cluttered? Too “loose” or too “tight”?
Will it help us find the way or just list random brand history facts? Be it good or bad, this is where the fun starts. And it should start with a Bang. Buckle up, the ride is about to begin.


Packaging Design
Product Design
Label Design

Bang Gin is part of the Shaping Collection

The Shaping Collection is a Volta Studio project in the areas of branding, packaging, product and graphic design. It’s a visual metaphor of our creative process. Each work phase is represented by a different drink, ideal for that specific creative moment.

The 5 phases of the process are:
1. Briefing – Bang Gin
2. Strategy – Tactic Wine
3. Design – Fight Beer
4. Pitch – Strip Water
5. Production – The Consequence Whisky

BANG Gin has a round, sturdy, black tinted bottle, celebrating suspense and drama. With a black marble screw top, debossed leather engravings on the bottle neck and a mix of screenprinting and paper labels, this bottle is a celebration of the mixed feelings of anxiety and anticipation when reading a brief for the very first time.

The BANG Gin is the 1st phase of The Shaping Collection project. Be sure to see the rest of the collection:
#2 TACTIC Wine
#3 FIGHT Beer
#4 STRIP Water