Big Party by Santo Stefano

The secret is in the name

Big Party by Santo Stefano are low alcoholic fruit-flavored wines that show a new way to think, create, drink and enjoy wine. They are targeted to younger audiences looking for healthier “pick me up” products, ideal for happy, lively, and laid-back drinking moments with friends, where having fun is the demanded “entry ticket”.


Packaging Design
Label Design


Jacopo Rosati

Big Party are what they say they are: fun, lively, larger than life. A world of happiness and good vibes, where people, animals and giant-sized fruits dance to the beat of live music and enjoy fruity, easy-going flavors among friends.Each bottle has its own party atmosphere: be it a garden, a beach, a club or even a jungle, each setting is a colorful mosaic of fun, full of life and quirky details that invite us to discover something different every time we pick one up.

Eye-catching and joyful, young and punchy, Big Party wines have an undeniable collectible appeal that makes you want to grab every bottle to join the fun and celebrate life.