CCA Law Firm

A responsive attitude

On the year of its 70th anniversary, the law firm CCA decided to split from Ontier to go its own way, challenging Volta to design its identity. CCA stands out for being a company with a young and modern attitude, with a great focus on new technologies, which prides itself on being close to the customer, providing solutions tailored to each one. 


Web Design

In order to communicate positioning, Volta has created a brand system inspired by the visual codes of the new media, based on a grid that adapts “responsively” – like CCA – to any type of situation and format. This system thus gave rise to a dynamic identity for a company with a responsive attitude.

Parallel to the creation of the new identity, CCA also opened a new academy where, in an innovative way, it would offer training not only in the area of law, but also in the areas of innovation, both to employees and partners. Based on this innovative approach, we created the name and identity of the new academy: CCA ON – A current-day academy with a disruptive attitude.