Where the 3rd half is played

Clube was created out of the desire to have a true sports bar in Porto: a place where you can go to see a game of football, a tennis match or even athletics.
Having found the perfect location (the old billiard rooms of the Ateneu Comercial do Porto), Clube challenged Volta Studio to create the bar’s visual identity and decor. This was a great opportunity to create a brand where we were the target audience.




Nuno Moreira

We used retro typography mixed with early and middle 20th-century sports photos to create a “sports mosaic” on the walls. Vintage sports objects were also hung, amidst inspirational sports quotes. A set of 10 rules was also created, with a friendly Rule Nrº1: “If you’re reading this, you’re already a member.”
In Rugby, one of the Clube’s favourite sports, you always “play” a third-half, aka having a beer with team partners and opponents. So we created the tag-line “Onde se joga a 3ª Parte“ (“Where the 3rd half is played).
The result is a friendly, vintage/old-style bar, where you’re welcome to play the 3rd half with everyone who loves sport (and a good beer).