Cookii by Flama

Cooking a new brand

VOLTA studio was recently invited to re-brand Cookii, the kitchen robot of FLAMA, the Portuguese appliance brand. The objective was to create a renewed visual identity, cleaner and timeless, that would convey an image of accessible quality through a more modern aesthetic. The circle was the conceptual basis of the project, as it represents the simplest icons associated with food and Cookii itself – the plate, the glass, the Cookii container, its buttons.



Packaging Design

The two ii’s of the word became the focus of the logo: by applying contrasting colours to its now circular points, they became a symbol of the variety of possibilities that Cookii opens up – different users, different dishes and different ways of cooking.
Thus, the entire visual identity is based on circularity, from the logo, to the secondary typography, made up of dots, to the photography used in the packaging: a photoshoot was planned with large circles in the brand colours, which serve as a backdrop for the photography of the product, creating a huge visual focus on the shelves. Photos of dishes were also shot from above, maintaining this circular appearance.
The result is a rebranding that places the brand on a higher quality level, becoming more consistent with the quality and image of the product.

When studying the old logo, we wanted, first of all, to change the typography (too decorative) opting instead for a cleaner, geometric and rounded font, with a more modern look. The heart on the letter C was eliminated, passing its protagonism to the two points of the ii’s – two perfect circles thanks to the new typography.

We have also designed editorial guidelines for the Cookii Cookbook, a cookbook launched by the brand to demonstrate Cookii's full culinary potential. These guidelines are supported in the new visual language, more clean and elegant but still very punchy.