Croft Pink Summer Campaign

All the best things come in pink

Croft Pink is a Porto Rosé, a vibrant and sophisticated alternative drink to spirits: the first of its kind, this drink needed to revitalize its promise of being the perfect choice for that special, laid back moment with friends. Volta Studio was tasked with a very specific job: to create a strong communication concept that explained what Croft Pink “is all about” and to re-define it as the drinking option for millennials and experimentalists. 



We dedicated ourselves on trying to understand what truly differentiated Croft Pink from its competitors. A cool, uncompromising and uncomplicated drink, it wants to celebrate the good things of life. But apart form these attributes, Croft Pink has a unique characteristic: its name.
The word Pink is clear in its message, so we decided to take this further: if a drink as special and fresh as Croft Porto Rose comes in Pink, then all the best things come in Pink.
This concept was then further developed to target specific moments, feelings, situations or events, that for its positive characteristics “come in pink”.
The result was a truly versatile concept, that can adapt to any situation the brand wants to tackle or address, stretching the “…comes in pink” message.