Dancing Vines

The world's first Lightsecco

Dancing Vines is the world’s first Lightsecco — with half the calories and alcohol of regular sparkling wine. Born from a harmonious blend of organic grapes, its delicate bubbles, light flavour and wonderful aroma make it an extremely fresh sparkling wine.


Packaging Design
Label Design


Nuno Moreira


Emma Clinton

From the beginning, our goal was to capture the essence of the product’s lightness and freshness in our design. The mesmerising gold and white leaves illustrations, with their hints of blue and green, evoke that sense of light, movement and liveliness, mirroring the name “Dancing Vines”. The fluid and thin lines, with their graceful curves, create a captivating visual display, enticing you to explore the wine within.

Overall, the design emits a sense of lightness, perfectly mirroring the low-calorie aspect of the wine itself. The luminous bottles invites us to indulge in a guilt-free celebration, leaving an everlasting impression that will make us yearn for another graceful dance with the vines.