Ferreira Porto Season Editions

Maintaining a brands’ legacy

One of the biggest modern challenges for a brand is to mantain a consistent tone of voice throughout their communication while still being dynamic and adaptable. During the last few years we have been faced with one such challenge in the form of Ferreira’s seasonal packaging projects. 


Packaging Design

No matter the occasion, every pack must consistently communicate Ferreira’s brand, its deep rooted connection with portuguese tradition and the spirit of the season being celebrated. Be it the cheer of Christmas, the romantic beauty of Portuguese cities or the intricate patterns of portuguese azulejos, each pack carries a celebration of life’s finest things and a testimony to Ferreira’s legacy.

2019’s Christmas Edition featuring a “Christmas Sweater” theme

2019’s Summer Edition featuring some of Portugal’s most prominent cities

2018’s Summer Edition featuring traditional portuguese imagery

2017’s Summer Edition featuring traditional portuguese imagery