Fight Stout Beer

#3 Design

Test. Try. Scratch. Rethink. Try again. Try everything. Because everything is a possibility and anything can lead to something else. Unknot the knots and untangle the tangles. Leave no stone unturned. Work as a team and fight as a team, because this is a battle you should not fight alone. And make sure to break the rules because your task is to create new ones.


Packaging Design
Product Design
Label Design

Fight Stout Beer is part of the Shaping Collection

The Shaping Collection is a Volta project in the areas of branding, packaging, product and graphic design. It’s a visual metaphor of our creative process. Each work phase is represented by a different drink, ideal for that specific creative moment.

The 5 phases of the process are:
1. Briefing – Bang Gin
2. Strategy – Tactic Wine
3. Design – Fight Beer
4. Pitch – Strip Water
5. Production – The Consequence Whisky 

FIGHT Stout Beer uses a grenade inspired vintage beer can, with the embossed word FIGHT circling the can’s perimeter. The simplicity and sturdiness of the can’s celebrates the spirit of this design process phase and tells us it’s prepared for hard times ahead. Best drank as a team.

The FIGHT Stout Beer is the 3rd phase of The Shaping Collection project. Be sure to see the rest of the collection:
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