Food, Mood and Groove

Funkybio is an organic market determined to rethink the “green approach”: for them, caring about the earth should be fun. It should be about sharing positive vibes and good feelings. And it should always have a soundtrack: of pure, genuine and original Funk. They asked Volta Studio to create their visual identity, with a very simple briefing: the brand should be fun, colourful and happy. Just like nature, in its multiple shapes and forms. And we should also translate this visual language to their new shop.



Our solution was to honour nature and its variety: we used a diverse color palette, shapes and symbols to design different patterns, that combined create a feeling of enjoyment and happiness and truly represent the spirit of funk. Several catch phrases were used to better explain the message of Funkybio’s positive way of being bio end eco-friendly.
In the end, the result was not the typical bio-green brand, but one that celebrates a funky & healthy lifestyle, following the master James Brown iconic message: “Get up, Stay on the scene, like a Bio machine!”.