FYT Jeans

Engineered for Comfort

FYT Jeans is a jeans brand with a mission: to deliver comfort and match the dynamics of active lifestyles using state of the art technology and engineering.
Designed and engineered in labs at MIT (Boston – USA) and the Univ. of Minho (Braga – Portugal), the most sophisticated imaging technology and thermodynamic sensors are employed to optimize their products, like 3D body scanners, thermal mannequins, pressure and temperature sensors.
When FYT approached Volta Studio to create their identity, they asked for a brand that showed their mission and product’s characteristics.



Our decision was simple: to create a brand based on the human body, that would replicate its movement and dynamics, with the logical technological look & feel. FYT has 3 letters, so we divided the body/logo in 3 parts: head, torso, and legs, that allow for multiple combinations, mimicking our different body positions. We used monospaced type, fonts widely used in early computers.

The end result focuses on FYT’s mission to deliver dynamic comfort.
Portraying the human body movement, we created a visual identity coherent the brand’s positioning, helping them to spread their message with more efficiency.