Horta da Formiga

Helping Lipor teach good environmental practices

Environmental awareness is very important for Lipor, and so they have created Horta da Formiga (Ant’s Garden) to tackle this problem. In their own words: “Horta da Formiga is a space of awareness raising for good farming and environmental practices.” Lipor asked Volta Studio to develop Horta da Formiga’s new identity and wayfinding system. With Horta’s many areas of work and projects, we decided the identity should portray a garden’s daily change of colours, smell and shapes.



We wanted to show this versatility in the logo, so we used images of vegetables, fruits, soil or flowers. This way, Horta da Formiga can have a different logo for every occasion, service or project.

As for the wayfinding system, we wanted it to both inform and blend with nature. Our solution was to create mirror pillars: the garden’s areas name boards seem suspended in the air, with the mirrors reflecting the surrounding nature. The result is a non-intrusive system that blends with nature while managing to inform the visitor.