Macieira Cream

Indulgence meets Heritage

Macieira, a spirits brand with a long history in Portugal asked Volta for help taking a step into a new world — Cream Liquor. With such a significant heritage this new product had to both stand out and blend in with the familiar Macieira brand and label. However, to really communicate the essence of the new product we needed a design that represented the contrast between blending opposites: Spirits and Liquor. Traditional and modern. Masculine and Feminine. Strong and Smooth.


Packaging Design
Label Design

With Macieira Having such a clear language, the packaging approach to this product required some flexibility and adaptation. We had the responsibility to make a difference without disrespecting the brand guidelines. In Macieira’s original label hierarchy there is already a place for a product name, however, it didn’t provide the emphasis a new product in a different genre needed. A full-bottle sleeve allowed us to keep the same structure while giving the product the space it deserved. The logo typography respect’s the brand’s traditional persona, while introducing a touch of softness and elegance.