Miles & Leacock’s

Labelling History

With almost 500 years of experience in the Madeira wine business combined, Miles and Leacock’s are two of the Madeira Wine Company’s flagship brands. Both are heirs to a history of tenacity, vision and passion in the making of some of the best Madeira’s. It was with a feeling of pure respect for the past of these two brands that Volta Studio approached Madeira Wine Company’s invitation to design the labels for two of their wines: the Miles Tinta Negra Single Harvest 2006 and the Leacock’s Tinta Negra Single Harvest 2001.


Packaging Design
Label Design

For the Miles label, we tried a new interpretation of their iconic octogonal shaped label, with a black background and copper foil finishings to front a rich, fruity and distinctive Madeira. As for the Leacock’s, a pastel green colour was chosen to give sensations of freshness, lightness and truly enduring taste.