Air to the throne

Named after a village near Mount Fuji where ancient japanese warriors would replenish their strength after war, Mishima is the ground for today’s modern battle: having the space and time to think freely. Inspired by japanese simplicity, its “floating” design appears to conquer gravity, creating an atmosphere of perfect balance for the mind to find itself. When approaching this project, Volta’s goal was to extend Mishima’s effortless lightness into the brand, while honouring its Nipponic inspiration. 


Web Design


Video and product photos owned by Mishima

Hints of calligraphic brushes adorn the design of its symbol — where the initial M and the concept of weightlessness come together to represent Mount Fuji — which in turn inspires the drawing of all the brand’s iconography. The colour palette was curated as a soothing, harmonious background through which the brand, and the mind, can wonder free.
The basis design and guidelines for the website were created by Volta to provide a navigation experience as light and boundless as the one a user would have with the product.

In the end, the brand strives for the same goal as the product it represents: to create the space and freedom for greatness to roam untethered.

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