Creating the parts of a whole

​​​​​​​Movelpartes (part of the Sonae Industria group) is a company dedicated to the production of furniture components and furniture kits. With an outdated logo that did not represent the correct brand placement, clear internationalisation intentions and competitors with far more interesting visual identities, Movelpartes approached Volta to develop a new visual identity that could tackle these problems and help them show a new attitude to the market, placing them as top players in such a competitive business.



As Parts is their main product and is integrated in their name, we decided the brand identity and respective logo should emphasise this “brand clarity”. A lowercase font, with sharp geometric lines was chosen for the logo, and a set of shapes (parts) were developed to better illustrate the company’s product diversity. These shapes can be placed together in endless combinations and be used throughout every brand application, creating a strong visual coherence. A pegboard “holes pattern” was also used as a decorative element, where the shapes/parts (circles, lines, triangles…) can be placed randomly on.
The result is a clean, vibrant and fresh visual identity, which variety and dynamism are a reflection of the company’s bold attitude towards the future, helping Movelpartes to place itself as a contemporary, professional and enthusiastic brand.