Offley Clink

Here's to a fresh start

The prestigious Offley Port wines chose Volta Studio to develop the creative concept, naming, visual identity and packaging of its new Port wine Offley Clink. Offley Clink is a port created for a younger crowd and oriented towards moments of fun, friendship and celebration, with a special focus on mixology. To represent this party atmosphere, Volta Studio created a concept based on the strength of friendship and the sound of toasts among friends: Clink!




Packaging Design
Label Design


Harpers Design Awards 2021 / Bronze

The bottle is surrounded by the label and a group of friends, in a design “inspired” by cocktails: the traditional joins the modern, the innovative mixes with the classic and ends with a very important ingredient: glasses raised for a toast! In addition to the creative concept, visual identity, naming and bottle decoration, the project included the design of promo packs and the creation of keyvisuals.

Offley Clink should be drank fresh, with added ice, tonic and friends (in equal parts). With Clink, Offley reinvents itself and reinvents Port wine: so raise your glasses and make a toast to this fresh start.