Pátio by Clube

Getting together at Half-time

Pátio (Portuguese for courtyard), situated right next to the Clube, is the most recent project from its managing team. It’s a seasonal summer bar, on the site of an old glass factory, with large indoor and outdoor areas. The industrial look & feel of the building is amazing, and everyone at Volta Studio wanted to celebrate it with the identity created. First of all, we had to create a concept that captured the summer spirit of the Pátio and its relation with the Clube, which would close during the summer season. So, it was only appropriate that we called our concept “Half-time”: a moment in every sport when you take time to breathe, gather your troops, analyse your tactics and prepare for the second half (the Pátio is the Clube’s half time).



As it is a seasonal bar, all the materials needed to be easily stored and replaced, so we decided to use OSB wood to contrast with the dominant stone walls of the building. We went for a very simple graphic language, one that mixed the vintage imagery associated with the Clube with punchy and strong typography, coherent with the surroundings. Large wood boards were placed all over the Pátio, with one colour printed photos and half-time related sentences to better explain our concept. Old sports images and sports tickets were stapled to the boards, in a disorderly manner, bringing colour details to the project and a true handcrafted style. The result was an industrial yet welcoming visual style, that together with the bar’s musical calendar and tasty snacks helped transform a cold and old building into a comfortable, summery spot to enjoy those special moments when the day ends and the night begins.