Portugal DutyFree

Sunshine in the airport

In a partnership with ANA and VinciAirports, ARI launched Portugal DutyFree, a chain of stores spread across portuguese airports. As a brand targeted at tourists who visit the country, Portugal DutyFree aimed to capture the positive feelings and imagery the visitors look for in the country: The sun, the sea, the beautiful coast. But what can we bring into the brand to make that sun, or that sea portuguese? And how to make it flexible enough to adapt to each regional case?



Inspired by the Armillary Sphere, — a symbol of Portugal’s history as a globetrotting, adventurous country — the brand’s main symbol combines the sun and sea in one geometric icon, composed of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. Besides evoking the historical sphere that lies in the heart of the country’s flag, this geometrical system allowed Volta Studio to create regional variations of the logo, specific to each store/location, while maintaining a coherent brand mood for Portugal DutyFree.

The brand is vibrant, promising and energetic. The logo is clean, with a clear “Sun and Sea” message, with a modern design rooted in a portuguese symbol — armillary sphere.

In Portugal DutyFree the sun shines inside the airport.