Sala Restaurant

Having dinner "at home"

The Sala restaurant is the last project of the Clube group, this time on a sunny and cozy dining room overlooking Passos Manuel street, on the top floor of the Ateneu Comercial do Porto iconic building. Once again, the Clube’s partners contacted Volta Studio to create the visual identity of their new project: they asked for a brand that would reflect a comfortable, personal, functional space with a certain exclusivity. Above all, they wanted to provide the conviviality, sharing and intimacy that one lives in a “home” dining room.



Our decision was to re-interpret the dining rooms of typical Portuguese restaurants, “drinking” from its classic aesthetic but approaching it with a more modern approach. A mix of classic and contemporary typographies brought elegance and versatility to the logo and the rest of the graphic language, while the colours and checkered patterns refer us to the towels of “those” restaurants where we feel at home. A monogram and various stamps were also created to enrich the visual heritage of the brand, allowing flexibility and consistency in the creation of new visual applications.