Sandeman Beat

Live your own rhythm

In 2021, Sandeman aimed to launch a Port that followed its own rhythm, aimed at a younger audience. A new approach to Port Wine, a celebration of life, imagined for the most creative combinations: Easy to mix, easy to drink, as versatile as it is unique. The briefing challenged Volta to create a concept that was as free as the product, from the name to the packaging.


Packaging Design
Label Design


Pedro Lourenço


Nuno Moreira


Clube da Criatividade 2022 / Silver - Illustration for communication
Clube da Criatividade 2022 / Shortlist - Label

Inspired by the unconventional attitude of the Beat generation — a counterculture movement that rejected the despondency of modern society by adopting the style of jazz musicians — Sandeman Beat was created to change the beat of modern Port.

The illustrations that surround the bottle are a masterful mix between the musical movement of the Beat generation and the flora and fauna native to the Douro: vineyards, foxes, pianos, oranges, ladybugs, drums, grapes or lizards, all of which add a beat to this colorful and extravagant melody.

Aimed at a younger audience, the packaging breaks with the visual codes of Port Wine, resulting in a vibrant and colorful look in which the freest inhabitants of the Douro come together in an ode to the rhythm of Life. Sandeman Beat celebrates the brand’s historic connection to art, the nature of the Douro and the desire to embrace the pulse of life of a new generation.