Sandeman Brandy Imperial & Capa Negra

The new face of Sandeman's Brandies

Sandeman Brandy Imperial and Brandy Capa Negra are the latest result of Volta Studio’s continued collaboration with Sandeman. They asked us for a clean and effective redesign that would lift the premium perception of these products.


Packaging Design
Label Design

Brandy Imperial and Brandy Capa Negra are aged in the traditional Solera method in the bodegas of Jerez de la Frontera, and are the result of Sandeman’s over 200 years of experience: our design is supposed to emulate the balanced, round and full bodied style of these Brandies. We opted for an arched label shape that combines perfectly with the rounded bottles. The Don is now the label’s protagonist, set on a clean and premium background of textured white for the Brandy Capa Negra and shiny gold for the Brandy Imperial. Finally, classic typography combinations on a very balanced layout, coherent with the brand’s graphic style were the ideal choice to meet Sandeman’s premiumness requirements for this project.

Sandeman Brandies labels had an old fashioned look & feel that did not fit the new brand positioning. For instance, Capa Negra’s image, the Reserve Brandy, was not clearly the most premium of the two, with a very cluttered layout.  And Imperial had a wrong content hierarchy, with Imperial in very small type. All these problems, color, layout, typographies and label shapes, were addressed and solved in the new proposals.