Silk & Spice

Exploring Wine Heritage

Silk & Spice is a Portuguese Red wine with a true success story in the US market.
Following its original red blend success, VOLTA STUDIO was contacted to pick up from the style of the original label and broaden Silk & Spice’s world by adapting its concept into 3 new wine endeavours, each with its own personality, while creating an harmonious range.


Packaging Design
Label Design


Nuno Moreira

The original Red Blend features a reinterpretation of a XV century map, celebrating the portuguese adventurous spirit with an old world aesthetic: VOLTA’s job was to build upon this heritage, broadening this world to three new blends.

The first step of this journey was into the world of white wine: adapting the original design to a white wine, without loosing consistency. We adapted the original design with a colour palette of green and lighter beiges, thus bringing the freshness of white wine into the brand.

The next venture was a slightly more intense, ruby coloured wine. Well-balanced and smooth, perfect for everyday consumption. Inspired by the smooth touch of silk — an important trade item of the Discovery Age — the new blend was baptized as Silk Route. Featuring Bombyx Mori — the silk moth — as the centerpiece of the map, Silk Route is represented by warmer, more intense colours.

The 4th endeavour produced an intense red blend of opaque ruby colour and intense aromas, with chocolate and spice notes. Spice Road celebrates in its name and design the spice trade routes set up by Portuguese voyages of discovery. With a more intense red palette, the label features a compass rose in which the most important spices show up as cardinal points.