Smart Dog

The terroir detective is back

Volta was approached to design the 4th edition of Smart Dog’s BiB wine for the Swedish market. This wine has a very particular story behind it: according to the winemaker, his dog Pingo once disappeared all of a sudden. After a long time looking for it, he ended finding Pingo digging up a bone in the middle of the vineyards. And that specific location ended up being the perfect terroir for the Syrah and Trincadeira grapes which make the wine that now honours Pingo: Smart Dog.


Packaging Design

The first editions of the wine portrayed it as a dog-detective: for the 4th edition, we decided to design a newspaper BiB that reported the return of this “Terroir Detective”: once again he has discovered a perfect parcel of terroir to grow the grapes from which Smart Dog comes from. The graphic look & feel is inspired in old tabloids, with its punchy images and bold headlines. Strong display typography, a big sized header and an unfinished style illustration makes this BiB a typical breaking news first page.

Good news take some time to read: so sit back and enjoy a glass of red while you flick through the news of the return of the Terroir Detective.