Strip Water

#4 Pitch

Today is the day: the debut, the first showing, the moment to impress. And you know there is no second chance to cause a first good impression. The idea has to be pure, transparent and solid. It has to endure. Because your audience is smart and this is not the first strip they see. They can spot gimmicks and make-up. They want something different and something true. So be truthful, because a good idea is a true idea.
Just remember to take it slow: build up, charm, tease. After all, this is your first chance to impress.



Packaging Design
Product Design
Label Design

Strip Water is part of the Shaping Collection

The Shaping Collection is a Volta project in the areas of branding, packaging, product and graphic design. It’s a visual metaphor of our creative process. Each work phase is represented by a different drink, ideal for that specific creative moment.

The 5 phases of the process are:
1. Briefing – Bang Gin
2. Strategy – Tactic Wine
3. Design – Fight Beer
4. Pitch – Strip Water
5. Production – The Consequence Whisky 

STRIP mineral water is wrapped in a black zipped sleeve that hides a solid, pure and clean parallelepipedic shaped bottle. The embossed content on the front, back and sides resemble water bubbles that flow from the bottom. A mate white debossed bottle top closes what should be a bottle totally clean from artifice: just a pure, beautifully designed and very filtered idea.

The STRIP Water is the 4th phase of The Shaping Collection project. Be sure to see the rest of the collection:

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