Super Bock Selecção 1927 Barrel Aged

A beer made of contrasts

Selecção 1927 is Super Bock Group’s — the largest beer producer in Portugal — premium craft beer brand. A range of the best craft beer selections, born of the passion and knowledge of Super Bock’s master brewer’s and their will to create intense, rich and different beers. The Super Bock Group invited VOLTA Studio to design the latest Selecção 1927 project: Barrel Aged. A Special Edition of craft beers aged in barrels, enriched by wood’s flavours and aromas. 


Packaging Design
Label Design


Álvaro Martino

The combinations will always be as unique as they will be surprising, with the first release being a malty and complex Premium Lager, aged in French Oak Barrels.
Because contrasts (between drinks, tastes and aromas) are the basis of this project, our visual approach followed the same path: dark background tones contrast with striking caramel yellow patches, silver printed barrels and gold foiled details, while classic and punchy type combinations create an elegant layout that honours the complex character of this premium beer.