Super Bock Selecção 1927 Exclusive Pack

From master to master

Selecção 1927 is Super Bock’s very special selection of craft beers: a diverse range of special beers that reveal Super Bock’s master brewers’ true passion, wisdom and unwavering desire to create rich, distinctive and intense beers. Their beer making process is as dedicated and detailed as the one of a Michelin starred chef: so it was only logical for Selecção 1927 to invite the fantastic starred chefs of Portugal to pair their exquisite cuisine with these exquisite beers. Volta was the chosen partner for this project: between several ideas, we chose one that truly speaks about the great partnership between food and beer. A partnership that is translated in a letter from Miguel Cancela – Super Bock’s master brewer – to the Michelin starred chefs of Portugal: From Master to Master(s).


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Clube de Criativos / Bronze - Packaging


Nuno Moreira

The love for the trade, the heritage, the ingredients and the craftsmanship behind all of 1927’s beers is really clear in the words with which Miguel describes their charismatic Munich Dunkel, Bengal Amber IPA, Japanese Rice Lager, Bavaria Weiss and Thames Porter.

But this letter is also special because it comes in the shape of a box: Volta created a black wooden pack that encloses a signed special edition Thames Porter beer, a brochure, a 1927 beer glass and a distinct wooden coaster. The letter is screenprinted in the box lid and addressed with each chef’s name. Every single box and bottle was signed by Miguel Cancela and then delivered by hand to each one of the Chefs, showing Super Bock’s Selecção 1927 desire to work with people who care about their products and their craft as much as they do.