Tactic Wine

#2 Strategy

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”
Antoine Saint-Exupéry

Only by studying hard, observing and researching the problem on hands, can we design a tactic to succeed. We need to plan, to predict and to anticipate. To dive into every contingent and possibility. Where, how and when are important, but knowing the why is knowing the fundamentals of the soon to be designed strategy. This is a time for patience, questioning, curiosity and debate. So take a sip and take your time.



Packaging Design
Product Design
Label Design

Tactic wine is part of the Shaping Collection

The Shaping Collection is a Volta project in the areas of branding, packaging, product and graphic design. It’s a visual metaphor of our creative process. Each work phase is represented by a different drink, ideal for that specific creative moment.

The 5 phases of the process are:

1. Briefing – Bang Gin
2. Strategy – Tactic Wine
3. Design – Fight Beer
4. Pitch – Strip Water
5. Production – The Consequence Whisky 

TACTIC wine comes in a short neck wine bottle, with elevated shoulders and waxed top. A mapped sleeve tells us about the battle for the creative concept, with a solid strategy and a touch of pure boldness as the basis for its success.

The TACTIC wine is the 2nd phase of The Shaping Collection project. Be sure to see the rest of the collection:
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#4 STRIP Water