The Consequence Whisky

#5 Production

Now is the time to get things going. To see the idea out there: not in our heads, not sketched around the studio as unfinished drafts, but in people’s lives. It finally is alive, moving and taking its designed course.
But as we look forward, we should take time to think back at how it was brought to life, learning from our mistakes, our trials and experiences, the bad and good ideas that led to the final one. The right one. This one.
It is time: sit back and enjoy the consequences.


Packaging Design
Product Design
Label Design

The Consequence Blended Whisky is part of the Shaping Collection

The Shaping Collection is a Volta Studio project in the areas of branding, packaging, product and graphic design. It’s a visual metaphor of our creative process. Each work phase is represented by a different drink, ideal for that specific creative moment.

The 5 phases of the process are:
1. Briefing – Bang Gin
2. Strategy – Tactic Wine
3. Design – Fight Beer
4. Pitch – Strip Water
5. Production – The Consequence Whisky 

The CONSEQUENCE Blended Whisky lives inside a pentagonal shaped bottle inspired in a 5 phased creative process: the pentagon and its five points fit inside the circle, which is a symbol for infinity. Its five points also represent the human being, with arms and legs stretched, sharing the symbolism of perfection and power of the circle. Screen printed and embossed contents fit along the five sides of the bottle, and its dark grey aluminium box, with debossed text, is a metaphor for the bottle’s cast.

The CONSEQUENCE Blended Whisky is the 5th phase of The Shaping Collection project. Be sure to see the rest of the collection:

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