The Laundry Spot

For spotless clothes

The Laundry Spot is a self-service laundry in downtown Porto where you can get your clothes absolutely spotless. Affordable and flexible, it’s the spot to go if you want to find quality and super easy service. From the start, it was very clear to us that a cleaning company asked for a similarly clean idea, a straight-to-the-“spot” approach: so that’s exactly what we came up with.



The Laundry Spot visual identity could not be any clearer, cleaner, and simpler: by using the universal shape of a laundry machine as the basis for its logo, the brand is able to communicate its core services clearly and concisely, in an extremely straightforward and simple approach. The washer door is also flexible, allowing for customization and adaptation to different types of laundry services (washing, drying, and ironing).

The use of a black-and-white chromatic palette further reinforces the commitment to cleanliness (and simplicity). By keeping the color palette neutral, the focus is placed on how truly pristine your laundry will come out of the washer.

The end result is a clean and clear visual identity that fits perfectly with the brand claim: for spotless clothes, a spotless brand.