Creating a circular future

A specialist in circular knitted manufacturing, Triwool designs and produces sustainable, production-efficient products, providing short-term fashion supply solutions. They are focused in efficiency: they predict trends and foresee needs by blending great fabrics, forward thinking cuts and the latest components, always striving for transparency and ethics in their sourcing and design.


Web Design

They challenged VOLTA Studio to design a new brand identity that could express their desired sustainable brand positioning.
Starting by defining their brand essence — Creators of sustainable fashion solutions — we then decided to blend two visual concepts: the CIRCLE (a symbol for perfection and unity and a reference for circular economy) and WOVEN FABRIC (the weaving of different threads that produce a stronger material is a metaphor for the union and blending of the different abilities and talents that make Triwool’s team.)
To represent this blend, we created the Knitted Circle, Triwool’s symbol that coexists with a new logotype, designed in a clean, contemporary and minimal typography.

The new brand identity epitomizes simplicity, transparency and quality, clearly stating Triwool’s positioning within the industry and its ultimate motivation: to create a circular future.