Vista da Régua

Creating a wine brand for the US market

Quinta dos Avidagos has been producing wine in the Douro valley for over 2 centuries. Their heritage and expertise led to the creation of a new wine brand, Vista da Régua. Volta Studio was the chosen studio to create their visual identity and packaging, focused on the US market.


Packaging Design
Label Design

The conceptual basis for this project was an old Régua (the Douro valley “capital” city) gravure: through a unique and differentiating hole in the centre of the labels, we get great shelf presence and are able to “see the result” (“Vista” means “View” in Portuguese) of the Douro people’s work and the true craftsmanship of the Quinta dos Avidagos.

The project included visual identity, label and packaging design for Vista’s 4 wines – Vinho da Família (Family Wine), Caráter (Character), Reserva (Reserve) and Vinhas Velhas (Old Vines).