Volt Padel

Unleash the tension

Padel is a booming sport in Portugal, with thousands of players throughout the country enjoying “the game of tennis between walls”. Volt Padel wanted to take advantage of this boom and show itself as the first Portuguese brand of padel rackets and gear. They approached Volta with a clear intention: to create a brand that would set itself apart from the competition by the excellent quality and attractive design of their rackets.



Volta was involved in this project from the very beginning. Our inspiration was electric energy and the concept of voltage (also known as electric tension). Provided by an energy source like a battery and its two + positive and – negative poles (the Padel Team), voltage (the Tension) causes current to flow (the Game).
The visual identity is an interpretation of this electric tension, with the logo’s “electrically charged” distorted letters. Monospaced typography is used throughout the brand’s applications, to give it a techy and digital look & feel.
The result is a truly dynamic, energetic and punchy identity, with rackets and gear that stand out because of its simplicity, bold colours and smart use of the voltage concept.