Great wines take great planning

To create great wines you need more than just great grapes. Careful business and project management is essential to integrate and coordinate all the people involved: from production to enology, from marketing to sales, everyone has to be in tune to guarantee the project’s success.
Wine.create set out to create the perfect Agile software solution specifically for the wine industry: a product lifecycle mananagement application that caters to every individual and team involved in the process of creating wine, helping them to reach the final product smoothly and market it with great success.


Web Design


FAVO Studio

Volta Studio was asked to develop the brand’s visual identity and tagline. After carefully analysing the product’s benefits and its target, we ended up taking inspiration from different aspects of the wine industry and the software itself, merging them in a cohese and flexible logo.
Taking from the letter W of wine, the logo’s aesthetic is based on the iconic project management organogram boxes. While its primary application takes inspiration on the perspective (vanishing point) of the vineyards and cellars typical corridors, the elasticity and flexibility of its box shaped parts portray the natural flow of a project and all the changes it can suffer in such a dynamic industry. Finally, its three boxes also represent its multi-platform capabilities, as the software can be used in desktop, tablet or smartphone.
From the beginning, Volta Studio wanted to merge the digital world (Wine.create’s core business) with the natural and organic world of the wine industry. The result is a contemporary and flexible identity with a clear message to its target users: that great wines take great planning.